The Sceale Bay test site was started 22 years ago. We pioneered the testing of coated solar panels from 8 companies  with a protective coating that reduced degradation, increased efficiency and was self cleaning. This coating was developed H&S Chemie in Germany and distributed in Australia by Tornado Coatings.

The site has tested Inverter Chargers from Trace Engineering, Latronics, Outback Systems, Schneider Xantrex, SMA, Goodwe, Victron and Sunsynk, Deye, INVT and Morningstar Suresine. We have also tested solar inverters from Latronics, SMA, ABB, Fronius, Growatt, Sungrow and Solax.

We have designed control systems for Outback, Latronics and Sunsynk for remote access and control, generator controls and XLan controllers. 

We were appointed Beta test site for the wind interface with Morningstar TS 600 controller. We integrated Midnite Solar MNSPD transient current protection.

The site has tested solar chargers from AERL, Victron, Morningstar and Midnite Solar to name the major companies. 

We are a Victron Professional Installer and have installed Midnite Solar MNSPD transient current protection devices on all of our installations.

Braun Windturbinen wind turbines 48V and 400V. Stion CIGS solar panels and mounting system.

Tigo optimisers and Yingli Bifacial panel testing.