Horton Solar Consulting Pty Ltd - Product Design System Design and Product Testing.

Product and System Design for a Sustainable World, with real world testing in a harsh environment on Cape Blanche on the West Coast of South Australia.

In the pursuit of power independence the 'Tribrid Power" system design was developed over 12 years. Continuous testing of battery types and inverter chargers laying the foundation for what is now a proven power system. The development started with the 'Tribrid' comprising three power generation systems, Solar generation, Wind generation and Diesel generation. The first containerized power system was designed 2006 by Leigh Horton, Chief Product Designer for West Coast Solar and Wind based in South Australia and deployed in mine sites in China.

The new 'Tribrid' system is a completely new design with Solar generation, Wind generation and Dual battery storage. The design has a lithium battery and a lead carbon battery with two inverters. The core inverter is a Deye 8.8 kW single phase hybrid inverter. The second inverter is a Victron Quattro 8 kW inverter charger. The design reduces the carbon footprint for the 'Tribrid Power' system and can easily incorporate new fuel cell technologies.
Solar panels are new Seraphim half cell 400w panels and EmmVee Saphire 535W Bifacial . The wind turbines from Braun Windturbinen and BestWatt. The batteries are Freedom Won Lite, and Narada REX Carbon. The diesel generator is rarely used and has been started monthly for programmed exercise.

The Decentralised Power System design based on the Edison DC model and has been designed for Micro Grids of the future. The design replaces the centralised array and inverter battery systems in conventional Micro Grid systems. The decentralised design is ideally suited to strata title sites, small communities and micro grids for larger towns. The design is based on the HSC SAPS cabinets.

A key design factor is Redundancy. CE&T inverter systems - no master slave, new modular EnergyBank batteries with no single points of failure inherent in Micro Grid systems and in particular off-grid installations. Our "Dual Battery" design with ArcActive EnergyBank bipolar Carbon batteries is a fully redundant system CO2 savings with Generator replacement.

Stephen Soutar sums this is up very well. "The renewable energy boom is happening but without optimisation and integration alternate energy systems are often ineffective and inefficient, never realising the return on investment that you were most likely promised, and simply creating more headaches for the power grid. Our sophisticated systems are designed around farming and irrigation settings, and our expertise in engineering, automation, and process control have allowed us to create a number of extremely ‘Smart’ products and concepts that provide significant energy savings, as well as excellent remote operation and monitoring capabilities."