"Design is a decision making process." J.C. Christopher-Jones - Design Methods 1972. Our 'Tried and Tested' approach has led to designs that see Tribrid Power as leaders in renewable power systems for the real world. As J.C Christopher-Jones called, "seeds of human futures" Our recent 'best of both worlds' dual battery system lithium - lead carbon or lithium- fuel cell is a design owned by us. The key factors in our designs are redundancy and optimisation of integrated alternate energy systems. We have some major designs that include Surefoot foundation in solid rock, spring winding machine for seat belt retractor springs, black chrome copper hot water solar collector plates, tundra seed drill for semi frozen soils, Schletter FS Surefoot solar mounting systems, Stion/Schletter glass on glass mounting solution using Fastner Technology and Clenergy laminate clamps. Schletter FixW-1876 and the S-5-PV Kit with S-5 CorruBracket for rail less mounting in exposed areas - all roof types