Freedom Won Our Story

Freedom Won Australia was established in 2019 to become the sole importer and wholesaler of the Freedom Won LiFePO4 batteries in Australia, New Zealand and now also the Pacific Islands, which were developed and are being manufactured in South Africa. While the company is still new to the Australian market, the next-generation energy storage products it distributes have proven to have an increased service life and operational efficiency at a much lower lifecycle cost when compared to other energy storage solutions on the market. The Freedom Won product has proven itself in harsh African circumstances to be a high performance and reliable product for energy storage since 2010.

2009: In South Africa, Lizette Kriel and Antony English start to convert their Jeep Grand Chrokee to pure electric drive using LiFePO4 cell technology.

2011:  Freedom Won, a South African company and brand is founded with the completion of the first electric vehicle – Lizette and Antony’s Jeep Grand Cherokee.  (To date, the owners have completed more than 120 000 kms in their pure Electric Jeep on the same LiFePO4 battery pack they installed in 2011.)

2011 – 2015:  Freedom Won establishes itself in the echo tourism industry in Africa with many more electric vehicles, boats, house boats and wild life cabins in a totally off-grid scenario.  It also establishes a small factory in Johannesburg.

2015-2017:  The Freedom Won business increases four-fold in size and manufacturing capacity. With an established reseller and installer network in Southern Africa, the business continues to grow month-on-month.

2017 – 2020:  Freedom Won’s core business is now the manufacturing, distribution and export of LiFePO4 batteries. Its distribution channel grows to include Southern Africa, Italy and Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).  The output has more than doubled year-on-year for the last 5 years and continues to grow. 

2019: Freedom Won Australia is appointed as the importer and main distributor in the ANZ market. 2020 and the Future:  Freedom Won Australia aims to become a dominant and mainstream solution provider for all Commercial and Residential Energy Storage Solutions in ANZ and have an established nationwide distribution network for products in the Australian residential market.