Tried and Tested

More than a philosophy

- Leigh Horton

Horton Solar Consulting Pty Ltd - Product Design System Design and Product Testing.

Product and System Design for a Sustainable World, with real world testing in a harsh environment on Cape Blanche on the West Coast of South Australia.

In the pursuit of power independence the 'Tribrid Power" system design was developed over 12 years. Continuous testing of battery types and inverter chargers laying the foundation for what is now a proven power system. The development started with the 'Tribrid' comprising three power generation systems, Solar generation, Wind generation and Diesel generation. The first containerized power system was designed 2006 by Leigh Horton, Chief Product Designer for West Coast Solar and Wind based in South Australia and deployed in mine sites in China.

The new 'Tribrid' system is a completely new design with Solar generation, Wind generation and Dual battery storage. The design has a lithium battery and a lead carbon battery with two inverters. The core inverter is a Deye 8.8 kW single phase hybrid inverter. The second inverter is a Victron Quattro 8 kW inverter charger. The design reduces the carbon footprint for the 'Tribrid Power' system and can easily incorporate new fuel cell technologies.
Solar panels are new Seraphim half cell 400w panels and EmmVee Saphire 535W Bifacial . The wind turbines from Braun Windturbinen and BestWatt. The batteries are Freedom Won Lite, and Narada REX Carbon. The diesel generator is rarely used and has been started monthly for programmed exercise.

The Decentralised Power System design based on the Edison DC model and has been designed for Micro Grids of the future. The design replaces the centralised array and inverter battery systems in conventional Micro Grid systems. The decentralised design is ideally suited to strata title sites, small communities and micro grids for larger towns. The design is based on the HSC SAPS cabinets.

A key design factor is Redundancy. CE&T inverter systems - no master slave, new modular EnergyBank batteries with no single points of failure inherent in Micro Grid systems and in particular off-grid installations. Our "Dual Battery" design with ArcActive EnergyBank bipolar Carbon batteries is a fully redundant system CO2 savings with Generator replacement.

Stephen Soutar sums this is up very well. "The renewable energy boom is happening but without optimisation and integration alternate energy systems are often ineffective and inefficient, never realising the return on investment that you were most likely promised, and simply creating more headaches for the power grid. Our sophisticated systems are designed around farming and irrigation settings, and our expertise in engineering, automation, and process control have allowed us to create a number of extremely ‘Smart’ products and concepts that provide significant energy savings, as well as excellent remote operation and monitoring capabilities."

  • 166A King William Road, Hyde Park SA, Australia
  • PO Box 54 Streaky Bay SA 5680

Asian Power Devices PrimeVOLT

Asian Power Devices (APD) was founded in Taiwan in 1994, mainly focusing on power-electronics
and renewable energy technologies. It has earned an important position in the global market
thanks to its world-class technologies, competitive products and outstanding service.

PrimeVOLT, established in 2010, has become one of the leading manufacturers of PV inverters in
Taiwan and merged into APD Group as its renewable energy business division in August, 2014.
PrimeVOLT is specialized in the design and manufacturing of PV inverters by benefiting from its
strong R&D capabilities. By cultivating Taiwan’s market for many years, PrimeVOLT has become a
global inverter manufacturer who provides the most reliable high quality products with excellent
performance, as well as professional services through localized support.

With design and manufacturing experiences accumulated over the years, PrimeVOLT inverters,
which feature “extraordinarily stable and ultimately perfect performance”, were awarded the
"Taiwan Excellent PV Award" of Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC in 2021 and 2022.

It is worth mentioning that PrimeVOLT has ranked top 1 shipment for inverters in 2022. With the
goal of developing more markets for branding, PrimeVOLT debuts in Australia in 2023 with local
team, company and HQ in Sydney, aiming at creating a sustainable green future by offering more
competitive inverter solutions and reliable services to the market for a long-term run.

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About Us

About Us

The History of Morningstar

For over 25 years, we have remained steadfast in helping to create a more sustainable world and business marketplace. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations, supporting our communities, striving for improved conditions in our supply chain and creating an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace. From helping over 2 million global installations lower their environment carbon footprint, to accomplishing it ourselves at home; Morningstar’s employees & facilities live and breathe clean, renewable energy!

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SureSine Inverter Line

SureSine Inverter Line

Morningstar: A Consistent and Dependable Supplier of Off-grid Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters for Over 25 Years.

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Genstar MPPT DC System Controller

Genstar MPPT DC System Controller

Morningstar: A Consistent and Dependable Supplier of Off-grid Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters for Over 25 Years.

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Elpower is a company operating in the renewable sources industry. It deals with:

Design, production, testing and post-sale assistance of inverters for grid connection of systems producing energy from renewable sources and for on-grid and off-grid energy storage systems. We are a growing company and we believe in progress; we constantly invest in research and development, with 30% of total staff involved in it. We aim at a constant improvement in the production processes thanks to a lean organization and an optimized managing system in order to obtain always the maximum efficiency.

We are the ideal reference for turbine manufacturers, systems engineers and EPC contractors

working in the renewable energy sector and in the energy storage field. We offer our clients a full and flexible service, original and constructive solutions which are technologically advanced, high-quality components and high performances. We have installed our inverters worldwide: in Europe, USA, Australia, South America and Asia, and everywhere we got approval and satisfaction from our clients. We exhibit at the most important events of the sector in order to be always oriented towards the latest tendencies and needs of the market.

Elpower Website

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Developing and growing the adoption of green energy solutions and electric mobility globally.

Efficiency, Performance, Reliability

A comprehensive service characterized by flexibility and quality, based on highly reliable products and obtained through constructive original and technologically advanced solutions.

CLEANISLAND is a family of converters developed to respond to the needs of Energy Storage systems in a flexible way. They are connected both to the grid (grid storage) and connected to an island user or to an isolated grid (hybrid systems).

In the first case, the PCS (Power Converter System) manages the charge and discharge of a battery connected, through the grid, in parallel to a renewable energy production system, with the aim of uniforming over time the energy supplied to the grid itself.In the second case, the PCS connects a renewable energy production system to an isolated user or an isolated grid and, at the same time, it manages the charge and discharge of a battery, with the purpose of ensuring supply continuity to the island load. The PCS has two modes of operation:

  • Grid following: the PCS is connected to an isolated grid to which other sources of production are connected and therefore it works as an inverter connected to the grid
  • Grid forming: the PCS is the master generator that supplies the island load

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the conversion system for the renewable energy

Our inverters can be applied to all renewable energy plants: small wind turbines (mini wind) micro and mini hydroelectric turbines, gas and steam mini turbines and they are designed specifically for different applications. They are produced with an outdoor cabinet, equipped with everything so to be the only interface between the generation system and the grid.

Elpower has standardised and certified two classes of conversion systems:

  • Double inverter (back to back) for applications at variable speed in which the electric generating system uses a permanent magnet synchronous generator or synchronous excited or asynchronous mainly in the fields of mini wind, micro and mini hydroelectric sector, and co generation (micro gas and steam turbines). 
  • Wind Energy, Hydroelectric Energy and Cogeneration

    Cleanverter is the most comprehensive and common series on the Italian market for inverters specifically studied for these applications. It includes inverters for wind turbines with a small size, mini hydroelectric plants and co generation systems and devices for controlling the inverters remotely.
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Total solution for sustainable energy

BestWatt offers a total solution that generates the right amount of sustainable energy for your business. A combination of wind and solar power, as well as energy storage. Solar power and wind power complement each other perfectly. On warm summer days, wind turbines are often switched off, whereas solar panels make overtime. At night and in poor weather, wind turbines churn out power merrily. By storing generated power, you can use the energy when you need it.


Generate it yourself, use it yourself. That is the BestWatt motto.
The BestWatt total solution lets you generate 100% of your own sustainable energy. Based on regulations, permits and applicability, we install small wind turbines for mainly agricultural businesses.
Energy Solutions

BestWatt offers a total sustainable energy solution for agricultural and other businesses: a combination of wind power, solar power, and storage. The BestWatt total solution lets you generate 100% of your own sustainable energy – as well as contribute to a cleaner environment and a future without fossil fuels. The BestWatt wind turbine, solar panels, and energy storage improve your company’s sustainable image.
The key factor is that the energy should be synchronized – as much as possible. When we generate wind power, there is often no solar input.

 BestWatt image BestWatt image


Sustainable, low-cost and highly efficient energy storage

Arc of innovation.

In the 1970s, former ArcActive CTO Professor John Abrahamson was the first person to find and characterise Carbon Nano Tubes ("CNTs”). Carbon Nano Tubes exhibit remarkable electrical conductivity, and have exceptional tensile strength and thermal conductivity. In 2007, John joined forces with ArcActive CEO Stuart McKenzie, and ArcActive was founded with the goal of developing a continuous process for arc-treating carbon fibre. The resulting technology, now patented as ArcCarbon, has been leveraged by the ArcActive team to improve the charge acceptance and longevity of lead acid batteries, finally unleashing the full capability of this ubiquitous technology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Lead [acid] batteries are by far the most important market, with greater than 70% market share of the rechargeable battery market." Christophe Pillot, Avicenne Energy, 2020

Our Mission.

We strive to create low-cost decarbonisation through innovation.

That’s our ‘why’. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning, and it’s what drives our company forward each day. For almost 15 years, we’ve been re-engineering the lead acid battery industry.

Improving battery technology is a huge opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions, whether by enabling the electrification of vehicles or supporting the growing use of renewable energy.  

We keep our environmental impact low.

While lithium-ion batteries are an important technology, lead acid batteries (LAB) have been widely deployed for well over 100 years, and the LAB industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the lead acid battery is the most recycled consumer product in history.

Enough lead has already been extracted from the ground to ensure a constant supply of lead acid batteries. That’s why we believe that the quickest way to drive low-cost decarbonisation at scale is by re-engineering the lead acid battery industry.

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Freedom Won

Freedom Won

Freedom Won Our Story

Freedom Won Australia was established in 2019 to become the sole importer and wholesaler of the Freedom Won LiFePO4 batteries in Australia, New Zealand and now also the Pacific Islands, which were developed and are being manufactured in South Africa. While the company is still new to the Australian market, the next-generation energy storage products it distributes have proven to have an increased service life and operational efficiency at a much lower lifecycle cost when compared to other energy storage solutions on the market. The Freedom Won product has proven itself in harsh African circumstances to be a high performance and reliable product for energy storage since 2010.

2009: In South Africa, Lizette Kriel and Antony English start to convert their Jeep Grand Chrokee to pure electric drive using LiFePO4 cell technology.

2011:  Freedom Won, a South African company and brand is founded with the completion of the first electric vehicle – Lizette and Antony’s Jeep Grand Cherokee.  (To date, the owners have completed more than 120 000 kms in their pure Electric Jeep on the same LiFePO4 battery pack they installed in 2011.)

2011 – 2015:  Freedom Won establishes itself in the echo tourism industry in Africa with many more electric vehicles, boats, house boats and wild life cabins in a totally off-grid scenario.  It also establishes a small factory in Johannesburg.

2015-2017:  The Freedom Won business increases four-fold in size and manufacturing capacity. With an established reseller and installer network in Southern Africa, the business continues to grow month-on-month.

2017 – 2020:  Freedom Won’s core business is now the manufacturing, distribution and export of LiFePO4 batteries. Its distribution channel grows to include Southern Africa, Italy and Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).  The output has more than doubled year-on-year for the last 5 years and continues to grow. 

2019: Freedom Won Australia is appointed as the importer and main distributor in the ANZ market. 2020 and the Future:  Freedom Won Australia aims to become a dominant and mainstream solution provider for all Commercial and Residential Energy Storage Solutions in ANZ and have an established nationwide distribution network for products in the Australian residential market.

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YLM P-type PERC Series

YLM-J 3.0PRO 530-555 W                          

Efficient power generation, pursuit of excellence

The YLM 3.0 module is designed with high-efficiency P-type monocrystalline PERC cell technology. Thanks to high-quality packaging materials and classic single-layered glass structure, it can withstand harsh conditions and assures you with high reliability and quality.

  • Number of cells: 144 
  • Positive tolerance: 0-5 W
  • Product warranty: 12 years
  • Power Warranty: 25 years
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PANDA series

PANDA series

Adoption of n-Mono technology to meet high-end requirements

Chinese photovoltaic enterprises used to face many restrictions such as technical and trade barriers. In 2010, the mass production of PANDA modules marked a crushing of the monopoly foreign photovoltaic companies had on high-efficiency crystalline silicon technology. PANDA has become one of the three high efficiency cell technologies available for mass production and application, marking that Chinese photovoltaic enterprises began to compete in the global high-end photovoltaic market with efficient N-type mono-crystalline products. Excellent power generation, excellent reliability and high cost performance: PANDA bifacial series modules, based on the state-of-the-art PANDA N-type monocrystalline silicon cell technology, feature good weak light and longer effective service life than conventional modules. Additionally, the bifacial power generation increases the power generation of modules by up to 30%. 

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About Us


Delivering excellence to enrich customer experience

Emmvee is an intelligent solar solutions producer born from an idea to implement green energy to better use. Our solar energy products are an amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and smart innovation for sustainable living.  As a solar panel company, we aim at providing universally designed products to support all kinds of contemporary and lavish living. We have made continuous innovation in solar water heating systems and photovoltaic modules since inception in 1992. We have kept our priorities right, which is focused on our quality and service dedicated to our customers. With a premium positioning in PV modules, our quality of the offering, timeliness of execution, customised approach and smart engineering is what makes us different in the solution space. 

A stand towards positive growth

Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Pvt. Ltd. :  

Founded in 2007 as an establishment to develop and manufacture high-performance Photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems. Emmvee Photovoltaic is headquartered in Bengaluru and has active sales offices across India and Germany. Within the solar energy industry, Emmvee has established its brand name owing to its expertise in the development of large-scale projects and EPC in India and Europe. Emmvee has successfully installed and commissioned solar PV projects 14 MW in North of Germany and 13 MW roof top and 140 + MW ground mounted in India. On 2018, Emmvee has accomplished a milestone of 1 GW of module supply. Also, It is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 as well as OHSAS 18001:2007, IEC61215 and IEC61730 accredited organisation and our products maintain quality standards as they are constantly monitored throughout the manufacturing processes. Emmvee modules are certificated by UL and BIS and have a saltwater mist corrosion certification. It caters to leading distribution and installation companies across the globe including Europe and India. All photovoltaic modules and systems are successfully connected and are programmed to generate high yield to our customers worldwide. 

Emmvee Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. :  

Established in 1992, Emmvee solar water heating systems have grown to be the largest manufacturer of solar water heating systems in India and probably in Asia. It holds the largest market share in distributing its products under the brand name ‘Solarizer’ and is especially known for providing the best solar panels in Bangalore. We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company.  

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Emmvee MONO


Advance to a powerful world

With a strong inclination to creating an able world fueled by renewable energy, we develop revolutionary products that are sound and long-lasting.  

Monofacial Modules

Emmvee’s Mono Facial Panels are made to provide the perfect combination of very high savings and efficiency. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, they’re made to pass the most stringent quality control processes to ensure you get the best of Solar technology. The Black Back Sheet for the panels ensures that the panels look aesthetically appealing without any reduction in overall efficiency. These panels are made with 10 busbar cells to achieve the lowest levels of energy loss and the best possible structural integrity. Certified to bear up to 5400 Pa of mechanical load and made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, these panels are designed to last for decades!

  • Capable of generating electricity even when partially covered
  • Designed to provide a shorter break-even period
  • Have corrosion-resistant frames for increased durability
  • Comes in 120 and 144 half-cut cell varieties


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Emmvee Bifacial

Bi-Facial Modules

With the aim of maximizing savings and space utilization, Emmvee has created their new 450Wp and 545Wp range of Bifacial PV Modules. These modules are made to have excellent bifaciality and low irradiation performance, providing up to 30% more power from reflected light. The transparent back sheet helps in increasing the overall power output while increasing the chances of trapping sunlight, hence increasing overall efficiency! The modules are made from half-cut cells to ensure that you get electricity even when they’re partially covered, and have 10 busbar cells and toughened solar glass to ensure maximum durability! Industry-standard efficiency of up to 21.10% means that you’re getting the highest electricity output possible!

  • Designed to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions
  • Capable of producing up to 30% more electricity from albedo.
  • Made to generate electricity even when they’re partially covered
  • Have industry-leading annual degradation numbers – 0.4% annual degradation
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