Elpower is a company operating in the renewable sources industry. It deals with:

Design, production, testing and post-sale assistance of inverters for grid connection of systems producing energy from renewable sources and for on-grid and off-grid energy storage systems. We are a growing company and we believe in progress; we constantly invest in research and development, with 30% of total staff involved in it. We aim at a constant improvement in the production processes thanks to a lean organization and an optimized managing system in order to obtain always the maximum efficiency.

We are the ideal reference for turbine manufacturers, systems engineers and EPC contractors

working in the renewable energy sector and in the energy storage field. We offer our clients a full and flexible service, original and constructive solutions which are technologically advanced, high-quality components and high performances. We have installed our inverters worldwide: in Europe, USA, Australia, South America and Asia, and everywhere we got approval and satisfaction from our clients. We exhibit at the most important events of the sector in order to be always oriented towards the latest tendencies and needs of the market.

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Developing and growing the adoption of green energy solutions and electric mobility globally.

Efficiency, Performance, Reliability

A comprehensive service characterized by flexibility and quality, based on highly reliable products and obtained through constructive original and technologically advanced solutions.

CLEANISLAND is a family of converters developed to respond to the needs of Energy Storage systems in a flexible way. They are connected both to the grid (grid storage) and connected to an island user or to an isolated grid (hybrid systems).

In the first case, the PCS (Power Converter System) manages the charge and discharge of a battery connected, through the grid, in parallel to a renewable energy production system, with the aim of uniforming over time the energy supplied to the grid itself.In the second case, the PCS connects a renewable energy production system to an isolated user or an isolated grid and, at the same time, it manages the charge and discharge of a battery, with the purpose of ensuring supply continuity to the island load. The PCS has two modes of operation:

  • Grid following: the PCS is connected to an isolated grid to which other sources of production are connected and therefore it works as an inverter connected to the grid
  • Grid forming: the PCS is the master generator that supplies the island load

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the conversion system for the renewable energy

Our inverters can be applied to all renewable energy plants: small wind turbines (mini wind) micro and mini hydroelectric turbines, gas and steam mini turbines and they are designed specifically for different applications. They are produced with an outdoor cabinet, equipped with everything so to be the only interface between the generation system and the grid.

Elpower has standardised and certified two classes of conversion systems:

  • Double inverter (back to back) for applications at variable speed in which the electric generating system uses a permanent magnet synchronous generator or synchronous excited or asynchronous mainly in the fields of mini wind, micro and mini hydroelectric sector, and co generation (micro gas and steam turbines). 
  • Wind Energy, Hydroelectric Energy and Cogeneration

    Cleanverter is the most comprehensive and common series on the Italian market for inverters specifically studied for these applications. It includes inverters for wind turbines with a small size, mini hydroelectric plants and co generation systems and devices for controlling the inverters remotely.
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