Bi-Facial Modules

With the aim of maximizing savings and space utilization, Emmvee has created their new 450Wp and 545Wp range of Bifacial PV Modules. These modules are made to have excellent bifaciality and low irradiation performance, providing up to 30% more power from reflected light. The transparent back sheet helps in increasing the overall power output while increasing the chances of trapping sunlight, hence increasing overall efficiency! The modules are made from half-cut cells to ensure that you get electricity even when they’re partially covered, and have 10 busbar cells and toughened solar glass to ensure maximum durability! Industry-standard efficiency of up to 21.10% means that you’re getting the highest electricity output possible!

  • Designed to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions
  • Capable of producing up to 30% more electricity from albedo.
  • Made to generate electricity even when they’re partially covered
  • Have industry-leading annual degradation numbers – 0.4% annual degradation